Kicker Agent™

Your company's all-in-one compliance solution.

Put all ongoing compliance, filings, and reports on autopilot. Never miss a deadline.

More than a registered agent.

We offer much more than just a name on a piece of paper you're used to seeing. That's because our team understands the complex legal requirements in each state to let you operate and scale your business as freely as you want.

Automated piece of mind.

View all compliance documents and official mail in a centralized dashboard. We eliminate stashed drawers full of loose papers and overdue fees. Now, all your information, as soon as it's available, is right at your fingertips.

One-click compliance services.

We monitor if your company is in good standing with all government agencies so we know what needs to be completed as soon it happens. At your request, we can also file your annual and franchise report..

An always-ready registered agent.

We act as your Registered Agent to track and communicate ongoing compliance needs in every state where your business operates. You don't need to worry about deadlines or filing requirements.

Compliance in just one click.

Get integrated one-click services to manage more complex compliance across multiple states effortlessly, so your business always stays one step ahead.

Save time on annual report and franchise filings

We’ve pre-filled all the required state and federal forms so you have everything you need to file accurately and fast. In every state that you operate.

Expand your business in more states.

We’ll register your company to transact in other states so you can build your business across state borders.

Set up compliant payroll in any state.

Register for Payroll™ to compliantly hire remote employees, process payroll, and file tax returns. Available in all 50 states.

Pricing for additional services varies by state.

Level up your compliance.

Whether you're just getting started, or you need payroll tax registration, we've got you covered. Choose the plan that's right for you.

Light* Autopilot* Payroll*
Get Agent™ or switch to Agent™
State mail processing
State compliance reminders
Compliance tracking dashboard to manage accounts
State annual reports
State franchise tax filing
Self-serve tax form tool for Form 5472 & Form 1120
Payroll tax registration
Coming Soon**
Payroll tax registration tracking
per state / Yearly
per state / Yearly
per state / Yearly
Save time now 

Individual state fees are paid separately.

*Plans do not cover any filing that is overdue or if the company is not in good standing.

**Track any state reminders/notifications on customer’s payroll tax accounts.

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How to Get Started

Submit your business information.
Fill out some details about your company. We’ll legally change your registered agent in your incorporation state.
We’ll handle the paperwork.
Whether it's annual reports, filings, or transacting in other states, we’ll manage your registrations through our online dashboard.
We’ll keep you compliant.
We’ll manage your ongoing compliance and keep you up-to-date on approaching deadlines and changes to compliance requirements as your company grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registered agents are responsible for receiving official documents such as tax forms and legal notices. All 50 states require businesses to appoint a registered agent.

LLCs, corporations, and other business entities must appoint a Registered Agent, which serves as an official point of contact for your business. Without a Registered Agent, you could be prohibited from doing business and possibly subject to financial penalties.

No, you need a registered agent in order to incorporate your business. Missing filing deadlines or failing to update registered agent information could lead to fines, increased liability, or even the loss of your business license.

Businesses that are incorporated in one state must file a foreign qualification in order to operate in another state. The only alternative to foreign qualification is to incorporate a separate business in each state.

States generally require foreign qualification when an out-of-state entity conducts business in their jurisdiction. The legal definition of conducting business varies by state and often covers a broad spectrum of activities. Common reasons why businesses foreign qualify include:
  • Hiring an employee who is a resident of a state other than the state of incorporation.
  • Purchasing property or a building.
  • Opening a new office or other facility.
  • Offering services, selling products, or bidding for a contract.
  • Applying for a professional license, as licensing agencies generally require foreign qualification.

An Annual Report is a filing that details a company’s activities during the past year and to provide public disclosure regarding names and addresses of directors or managing members of a corporation or LLC as well as the company and registered agent address. Nearly all state requires an annual report from every corporation and LLC that operates under its jurisdiction. Your company is required to file in the state where you first formed as well as in every other state where you’re registered to do business.

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